Favorites – Historical Time Line





3150-2200 Early Bronze Age Civilizations in Egypt & Mesopotamia

2200-1550 Middle Bronze Age

2000 c. Abram called

1550-1200 Late Bronze Age Israel conquers Canaan

1200-1000 Iron Age I

1125 Victory of Deborah and Barak

1100 Gideon defeats Midian

1050 Fall of Shilo

1020 Saul becomes king

1004 Saul killed on Mt. Gilboa

1004 David becomes king in Hebron

1000-539 Iron Age II

998 David conquers Jerusalem

965 Solomon’s Temple begun

928 Israel and Judah divided

877 King Omri establishes Samaria

871 King Ahab marries Jezebel

722 Fall of Samaria

701 Jerusalem delivered from Assyrians

627 Jeremiah begins his work

605 First deportation to Babylon

597 Second deportation

586 Nebuchadnezzar destroys Jerusalem

539 The Persian king Cyrus conquers Babylon

538 Jews return from Babylon

535 Work on Temple begun and halted

520 Work renewed by Haggai and Zechariah

516 Second Temple finished

486-480 Events of the Book of Esther

458 1st Decree of Artaxerxes

458 Ezra’s arrival in Jerusalem

450-400 Approximate dates of Malachi

445 2nd Decree of Artaxerxes

444 Walls of Jerusalem completed by Nehemiah

336 Alexander the Great invades Asia

332 Legendary visit of Alexander to Jerusalem

167 Antiochus (Epiphanes) defiles Temple

164 Temple rededicated by Maccabees

63 Roman Emperor Pompey enters Jerusalem

37 Herod conquers Jerusalem with Roman backing

19 Herod begins Temple enlargement

4 (6?) Birth of Jesus (Yeshua)




30 Jesus crucified

66-73 Jewish revolt against Rome

70 Jerusalem destroyed

73 Fall of Masada

80-120 Sages of the Mishnah

132-135 Second Jewish revolt

135 Jerusalem becomes a Roman city

200c Mishnah completed

312 Emperor Constantine accepts Christianity

325 Council of Nicea

570 Muhammed is born

614 Persians conquer Jerusalem bringing much destruction

629? Byzantine rule is restored

636 Muslims enter Israel

638 Jerusalem falls to Muslims

661 Omayyad rule from Damascus

691 Dome of the Rock built

701 Al-Aqsa Mosque completed

750-877 Abbasid rule from Baghdad

878 Tulun, Governor of Egypt conquers Palestine

904 Jerusalem returns to Abbasid rule

934 Egyptian Ikhshidi princes conquer Palestine

969 Fatamid Caliphs conquer Palestine

1010 Caliph al-Hakim destroys many synagogues and churches in Jerusalem

1070-80 The Seljuks Turks pillage and rule

1099 Crusaders conquer Jerusalem

1187 Saladin captures Jerusalem

1215 Fourth Lateran Council

1219 Jerusalem’s walls raised

1242 Burning of Talmud in Paris

1244 Khawarezmian Turks pillage Holy Land

1250-1516 Mamluk rule in Holy Land

1291 End of Latin (Crusader) Kingdom

1299-1303 Mongol invasion

1480 Inquisition established in Spain

1492 Jews expelled from Spain

1496-97 Jews expelled from Portugal

1516 Ottoman rule begins in Palestine

1531 Inquisition established in Portugal

1541 Golden Gate is sealed to prevent entry of Messiah

1648-49 Chmielnicki massacres

1799 Napoleon proclaims the restoration of Holy Land to the Jews

1831 Mohammed Ali of Egypt gains control of Holy Land

1838 Edward Robinson begins archaeological work in Jerusalem

1840 English writers and statesmen begin to consider Jewish restoration

1854 Crimea War begins over disputes regarding Jerusalem

1864 Sir Charles Wilson begins archaeological work

1867 Captain Charles Warren begins excavations

1871-82 First agricultural settlements

1881-84 Pogroms sweep Russia

1882 First Aliya begins

1894 Dreyfus trial in Paris

1897 First Zionist Congress

1904 Second Aliya begins

1909 Tel Aviv founded

1917 Jerusalem surrenders to Allenby

1919-23 Third Aliya

1920 British pre Mandate begins

1920 Massive anti-Jewish riots in land

1922 Mandate confirmed by League of Nations

1923 Palestine Mandate begins operation

1923 British give away 75% of the Mandate

1924 Fourth Aliya

1925 Hebrew University opened

1929 Arabs riots in Jerusalem, Hebron and Safed

1933 Hitler becomes chancellor

1933-39 Fifth Aliya

1937 Peel Commission proposes partition of land

1938 Kristallnacht

1938 Wingate organizes special Jewish units to fight Arabs

1939 Outbreak of World War II

1940 Nazi Germany introduces gassing of Jews – six million ultimately perish

1947 UN General Assembly decides to partition Palestine

1948 Proclamation of independence and War of Independence

1948 Transjordan occupies Judea and Samaria

1953 Beginning of Arab Fedayeen attacks

1956 Sinai Campaign

1957 Israel evacuates Sinai

1967 Six Day War with Jews capturing Jerusalem

1973 Yom Kippur War

1979 Peace treaty between Israel and Egypt

1982 Lebanon War

1987 First Arab uprising begins (Intifada)

1989 Massive aliya from former USSR begins

1991 Gulf War and missile attacks on Israel

1991 Madrid Peace Conference

1993 Oslo Accords introduced

1998 Israel’s 50th anniversary (Jubilee)

2000 Israel withdraws from Lebanon (security zone)

2000 Camp David peace summit

2000 Second Arab uprising (Intifada) begins

2001 9/11 Muslim attacks on the US mainland

2002 US openly favors a Palestinian State

2002 Road Map peace plan introduced

2003 US War against Iraq begins

2004 Yasser Arafat dies

2005 Syrian withdrawal from 29 year occupation of Lebanon

2005 Israeli withdrawal from all Gaza settlements

2006 Second Lebanon war/ Gaza War

2007 Annapolis Peace Conference